Vaping Etiquette-Part 2

Vaping Etiquette-Part 2

For many of us, we had a parent or teacher tell us something along the lines of, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” As small children, we’re taught to be nice, to be cool to people, to not be that guy. In most situations, we know how to behave. But vaping is still a relatively new technology, and as we’re looking through our favorite vaporizer website for a refill of e-juice, it can be tough to figure out how to enjoy our e-cigs and not be a jerk.

We know it can be hard, particularly when people swallow exaggerated claims by the media and believe that e-cigs are just as harmful as traditional cigarettes. But the more we behave with class, the more likely vapers will be accepted by society in general. Yesterday, we went over a few tips for mixing politeness and manners, and today we’ll share a few more.

  • Ever heard the saying, “Converts make the best zealots?” Many people turn to vaping as a way to quit smoking. We like that. What we don’t like is when vapers turn around and aggressively criticize smokers, which is coincidentally much the same way that some non-smokers act towards smokers. Like it or not, people have the right to make certain decisions. Preaching to someone about their choices is usually one of the worst ways to get them to change.
  • Like smokers, occasionally vapers will get some grief from someone who doesn’t fully understand the details of e-cigs. When that happens, keep your cool. Instead, it’s worth your while to learn the basics of the vaping issue, at least. That way, you have the opportunity to make your case reasonably. While nobody wants to be lectured, you’ve got a chance to politely correct some misconceptions with a little bit of basic information.
  • What’s your favorite aspect of a meal? For many people, it’s the smell. The aroma of a good steak or a savory sauce can enhance the flavor, but that enjoyment can be ruined by someone vaping at the table next to them. There’s some anecdotal evidence that the right e-juice can enhance things, such as a rich chocolate smell encouraging people to order dessert. But during meals, the polite thing to do is to either wait to vape or take it outside.
  • We think this one is so obvious that it didn’t need to be mentioned, but then we realized that we know people who have dealt with this vaping faux pas. If you vape, and you’re hanging out with other vapers, don’t just pick up their e-cig and take a puff. That’s as obnoxious as helping yourself to their meal. Always ask before using someone else’s e-cig.
  • One of the really cool aspects of vaping is using e-juice high in VG, or vegetable glycerin, in order to blow amazing clouds of vaper. For non-vapers, though, it can feel a little intimidating or a little obnoxious. When you’re vaping in polite company, there’s no need to imitate London’s famous fog. Try to keep it subtle. If you can’t, take it outside.


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