Tips For Making Your Equipment Last-Part 2

Tips For Making Your E-Cig Equipment Last

Vaping has been around for a few years now. The technology is familiar enough that finding an e-cig shop online is a piece of cake. Yet, it’s new enough that vapers occasionally get raised eyebrows and innocent questions about that thing they’re puffing on. Not everyone intuitively knows what’s involved with looking after the vaping hardware to ensure that it delivers hours of puffing pleasure.

Luckily, we’re here to help! We frequently get emails from new customers asking our advice on what equipment to buy and what kind of e-liquid to use. It’s all well and good, but if you don’t care for your stuff, it’s not going to deliver. Read on for more useful tips for keeping your vaping equipment going strong.

  • A great habit to get into is to disassemble your e-cig at night as much as possible. We know, it sounds like an entirely pointless suggestion. But removing the atomizer, or tank, is a good move, particularly if it was recently used. If juice comes into contact with the button or battery, it could permanently ruin it. Also, by taking apart your device and giving it a quick cleaning, you can prevent a buildup of e-liquid residue.
  • Not all tanks are created equally, and that’s particularly true when they are made from plastic. Some plastic tanks don’t have much strength, and some e-juices can cause them to warp or crack entirely. We’ve seen this, especially with cinnamon and menthol flavors. To prevent this from happening, upgrade to a glass tank. You can use all of the flavors you like and never have to worry about issues.
  • There’s more to taking care of your e-juice than not spilling it. First, make sure to shake it up before use. That ensures that the VG, PG, and nicotine is correctly mixed up for a satisfying vape. Don’t let your juice bottles sit in direct sunlight since the sunshine can weaken the strength of the nicotine. Be sure not to leave the bottle open for extended periods, since the flavor can be lessened. Finally, for safety’s sake, keep e-juice out of reach of kids and pets.
  • Batteries are probably the most important part of the vaping experience. Starter batteries include a small color code that indicates when the power is getting low. Don’t wait for the battery to die completely, but charge it beforehand. Speaking of charging, remove the battery from the charger when it’s fully charged, and don’t just leave it on there. A battery that’s overcharged frequently will quickly lose its efficiency. If you receive batteries that have been dented or damaged, don’t use them. Also, never let your batteries be exposed to continual sunlight. The solar rays can cause the venting process to start with your batteries, and ultimately cause them to explode. Finally, a smart move is to buy a couple of extra batteries to use as backups, since you don’t want to try vaping, and discover that your battery is dead. With your backup batteries, be sure to use them once a week to keep them functional.


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