Tips For Making Your Equipment Last

Tips For Making Your E-Cig Equipment Last

We don’t mean to do it, but as human beings, we’re really good at neglecting stuff. We buy a new car, then forget to get the oil changed. We move into a new house, then do the bare minimum of upkeep. The sad fact is, in a lot of ways we live in a disposable culture. We buy a shiny thing, then tend to forget about it, and, sadly, vape hardware is no different.

As vapers, we have the potential to be just as bad. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve been vaping for a while, maybe you’ve goofed with your equipment and don’t want to make the same mistake. If you’re a newbie, maybe you sincerely want to protect your investment. Read on for a few tips on taking care of your equipment to give it the longest life possible.

  • Literally every vaper has, at one time or another, bought a battery that they were positive would last longer than the previous one, and it failed to do so. We know, and there are a few things you can do to avoid that. Only buy batteries from manufacturers with a good reputation. Be sure that your battery charger doesn’t exceed the charging rating amperage of the battery itself. Once the battery is fully charged, make sure to disconnect it so that it doesn’t get overcharged. Store batteries in a cool and dry place, and make sure to use spare batteries at least once per week.
  • Be mindful of how you vape. Taking short and fast puffs are a great way to burn out the coil. Try giving your device a rest after having 5-8 puffs. This will help make sure you don’t experience vaper’s tongue or dry hits. Also, another way to keep from getting dry hits is to make sure you don’t inhale too much. This lets large amounts of air into the coil, which can dry it out.
  • The two worst enemies of an e-cig are water and dirt. You’ll want to periodically clean your equipment, but do not use water. Instead, use a cotton swab or washcloth. Your cartomizer and tank will need attention since both can have e-liquid dry on the sides, which causes the battery to work harder and for you to experience a bad taste. Also, make sure to clean the gasket between the tank and the battery.
  • Just about everyone who vapes has forgotten to fill their tank or cartomizer, then taken a puff. That ugly, burnt taste happens because the wick has no more liquid absorbed to produce vapor. As a result, the wick begins burning itself. If you fill up the tank and you’re still experiencing that taste, try replacing the coil. If that doesn’t do the job, you’ll probably need to replace the tank itself.

We know that nothing lasts forever. But when you make the investment in your vaping equipment, you want it to last as long as possible. By following the tips above, you can be sure that your stuff will have a longer life and give you hours of vaping pleasure.



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