Smart Tips for Buying E-Juice

Smart Tips for Buying E-Juice

If you’re new to vaping, and you’re looking to buy e-juice online, we’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is, the e-cig business is booming, which means there are huge amounts of choices for buying your e-liquid. But the bad news is, not all of those sources are good, or even reputable.

The fact is, not all e-liquids are created equal. While we all know that, too many people hand over their credit card number without doing a little due diligence. It’s bad enough to get ripped off, but it’s even worse if the vapors that you’re inhaling into your body aren’t safe and made from quality ingredients. Read on for a few things to consider checking out while you’re picking the right source for your e-juice needs.

  • Somewhere, right now, somebody is mixing up batches of e-juice in an unhygienic and unclean environment. The last thing you want is to be inhaling any of that. It’s a good policy to reach out to your e-cig retailer and ask questions. Do they make their own e-juice, or buy it from a vendor? Wherever the e-juice is made, is it mixed in a clean room? A reputable company will welcome questions, and they’ll realize that buying e-liquid is like buying wine. The conditions, place, and methods that the product is made in go a long way towards affecting the end result of the product.
  • There are 3 factors that determine what the hit from your e-cig feels and tastes like. Those are nicotine, PG, and VG. Some people are allergic to PG, so they will want a liquid with a higher ratio of VG. Also, VG helps to produce more cloud production, but it’s lacking in throat hit and flavor. You’ll want to know those ratios, along with the amount of nicotine included. If you’re not sure, many local vape stores have sample bars. You can try out different ratios until you find what you like. Also, keep in mind that disposable vape pens sold at gas stations often don’t have any ratios on the label at all. Avoid those like the plague, since it’s like buying milk without an expiration date.
  • Let’s talk about nicotine levels for a moment. Someone who smoked cigarettes heavily will prefer higher levels of nicotine in their e-juice. If you’re new, we always recommend starting at lower dosages and gradually increasing it until you get to where you want. However, if you’re converting from tobacco to e-cigs as a way to wean yourself from the habit, give yourself lots of time to slowly drop your nicotine intake. You might start vaping at 12 mg, and over 4-6 months, gradually drop down to 3 mg.
  • The liquid you buy is just as important as the container it comes in. For a couple of years now, there’s been a slow transition from plastic bottles to glass bottles. That’s a good thing. Plastic bottles can have harmful chemicals that can mix with your e-liquid. Glass bottles can be sterilized more effectively, they have far longer shelf lives, and they are easier to recycle.


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