Making the Switch to E-Cigs

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People start vaping for many reasons, but one of the most common is as a means to wean themselves off cigarettes. It’s no wonder, considering cigarettes are as addictive, if not more so than many illegal drugs. So many of us try quitting multiple times, but e-cigs are a healthier alternative that has helped thousands of smokers become former smokers. Maybe you want to be one of those former smokers, which is why you’re browsing this website and making the decision to shop vape.

If so, good for you! We know that, if you’re considering making a real change in your life long term, you’ve probably got lots of questions about vaping. The good news is, the vast majority of vapers are enthusiastic and happy to answer questions for newbies. Keep reading for a few tips to make your transition smoother and easier.

  • The first thing to consider when making the switch to vaping is, what kind of e-cigarette do you want? Many users initially start with disposable e-cigs, and they will use those to try out various flavors and different nicotine levels. Once you’ve gotten that worked out, then you can consider a more permanent rechargeable model, and you can customize it further.
  • Speaking of customization, working out the right levels of nicotine in your e-juice is very important. Keep in mind that you never want to start with a high dosage, since that’s a great way to accidentally give yourself nicotine poisoning. Many people who typically smoke a pack a day start with an e-juice that has nicotine levels between 18-24 mg. Once you get comfortable, you can gradually use e-juices with lower nicotine levels. Keep in mind that it’s a gradual process, and many people need at least a few months. Just pace yourself and be patient.
  • One of the biggest reasons people are enthusiastic to make the switch is because of the vast amount of flavor choices. When some folks are trying to quit tobacco, they will choose an e-liquid that has a tobacco flavor. That can work, but for others, the taste is just a reminder of the habit they’re trying to break. We recommend initially trying a variety of flavors, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Some of our most loyal customers are stereotypically manly guys that you’d expect to stick with tobacco flavors, but they load up on flavors like Berry Lemonade or Dutch Apple Pie.
  • If you’ve made the switch, here’s the worst case scenario. You’re having a nicotine craving. You pull out your e-cig and take a puff...but nothing happens. That’s because you forgot to charge your battery! Now, you’re stuck, and you might be tempted to just buy a pack of cigarettes. We’ve been there, which is why we highly recommend that when your battery is showing signs of low power, make sure to charge it.
  • But what if you just forgot to charge it or you run into a technical problem? In that case, make sure to buy a backup battery or two just in case. If you use your backups at least once per week, you can keep them effectively holding a charge and going strong.


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