It’s Time To Quit Smoking & Start Vaping


Over the last decade, the popularity of e-cigarettes has skyrocketed. Due to the horrific potential consequences of smoking cigarettes, people all over the world are looking for new ways to get the pleasure of smoking without having to sacrifice their health. Vaping is truly the answer to kicking a smoking addiction. Often people try a number of different things to break their addiction to cigarettes. These methods include everything from hypnosis to gum to patches and more. If you want to know why vaping is so much better than all of these methods, continue reading below.

Vaping allows you to keep the motion of smoking.

Most of the other methods of quitting smoking have one very important thing in possible: they require you to stop smoking entirely. This can be a struggle as your body is not only addicted to the nicotine but also to the act of putting a cigarette in your mouth, take a drag, and pull it out.This psychological attachment to the act of smoking is one of the hardest things for smokers to get past when they are attempting to quit. When you vape instead of smoke, you go through the exact same motions as you do when you are enjoying a cigarette. This allows you to satisfy your muscle memory, while also not doing damage to your lungs.

You get the ‘throat hit’.

Smokers often talk about the sensation they get when they smoke, and how that’s what they crave when they try to kick the smoking habit. If you are a smoker, you know what this feeling is. It comes when you inhale and you get that tingling feeling in the back of your throat. Vaping is the only alternative to smoking that can give this familiar sensation, making it much easier for you to give up your smoking vice once and for all.

It will save you money.

People who stop buying cigarettes and begin vaping save a good amount of money over time. It is estimated that in an average year, a vaper will spend approximately $2000 less on their vaping materials than they would have on cigarettes. The only method of quitting that costs less than vaping is when people decide to go cold turkey, which almost always results in them picking up the habit again eventually.

It’s convenient

With many different methods of quitting smoking, a prescription is required. Not only is it easy and relatively inexpensive to begin vaping, but it also the equipment you need to begin is extremely accessible. While it may be beneficial for you to speak with your physician about the options you have regarding prescription medications that are meant to curb your desire to smoke.

You can adjust your nicotine amount

The last thing that most people don’t realize about vaping is the control they have over the amount of nicotine that you can have in any given e-liquid. For most people who are attempting to quit with vaping, they will slowly lower the amount of nicotine in their e-juice until they are no longer reliant on it. This is wonderful because not only are you not having nicotine withdrawals, but you can do so while not having to deal with the consequences of inhaling smoke.

Ready to kick the habit?

If you are ready to stop smoking for good, you can start the process at ETX Vape. We have everything you need to get started so that you can begin taking better care of yourself. There is no reason to be a smoker anymore now that there is a safer and healthier alternative that doesn’t require you to be miserable in the process.




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