Flying With Your E-Cig

Flying With Your E-Cig

Pack suntan lotion. Confirm hotel reservation. Buy e-juice online. There’s a lot you have to prepare for before setting foot on a plane and beginning a much-needed vacation. But vaping is a new technology, and it’s still trying to find its place in the world. That includes how vaping hardware and e-juices are treated when going through security checkpoints in airports and on airplanes.

Before you panic, though, we have good news. For the last couple years, the Transportation Security Administration, or the TSA, has developed guidelines for air travel with your e-cigs. We like that, and we want to remind you that there have been very few instances of travelers getting a hard time from TSA personnel due to their vape hardware. So keep reading, and we’ll share a few tips to ensure easy air travel with your vaping hardware.

  • First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. You can’t vape on a plane. At all. For now, e-cigarettes are considered to be basically the same thing as a tobacco cigarette. People smoking in flight can get hit with sizeable fines, and sneaking a puff from your e-cig is no different. Also, the vapor from an e-cigarette can look like smoke and potentially activate a smoke alarm. These days, the last thing you want is to accidentally cause a panic during a flight.
  • However, you can bring your e-cig and related supplies with you, both in carry-on and checked luggage. We’d recommend disconnecting the battery from the atomizer, not bringing vaporizers that are suspiciously shaped, and don’t bring a huge amount of e-liquid. As long as you keep it smart and reasonable, you should be just fine.
  • Let’s talk about e-liquid for a moment. First, the smart move is to pack your e-juice in your carry-on. If it’s packed in your checked luggage, it might break due to other luggage falling on your, or explode if it’s in an unpressurized area. When you’re traveling, you can carry liquids in bottles of 3.4 ounces/100 ml or less. Bottles need to be placed in a clear, zip-top plastic bag.
  • More good news. While some airports in the United States treat e-cigarettes like cigarettes and prohibit their use except in smoking designated areas, others are more enlightened. Airports in Washington D.C., Phoenix, Minneapolis, Charlotte, and others permit the use of e-cigs inside. Do a little research about the airports you’re departing from and arriving at, then plan accordingly.
  • Remember earlier we said that TSA have only given vapers a hard time in a few instances? We cannot stress this enough, but if TSA decides they’re going to confiscate your e-cig, do not joke or put up any kind of a fight. In a situation like that, you have one job, and that is to be compliant. If they want it, politely hand it over and come up with a new plan for your vacation. If you’ll be gone for an extended period, you can always have supplies shipped to you.


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