Common Myths About Vaping


Isn’t funny how it seems to be the people who know the very least about any given subject are always the ones who have the most to say? It seems to us that those who are giving our customers information about vaping are full of incorrect facts. These myths surrounding e-cigarettes are some of the main reasons people won’t toss out their cigarettes once and for and begin vaping. Below you can uncover the truth about the most common myths that are floating around about vaping.

MYTH 1: Vapor cigarettes are in no way regulated by the FDA: FALSE

As of May 8, 2015, the FDA classified anything and everything needed for vaping as tobacco products. Here in the next few months, vaping will be entirely limited by the FDA. This will likely put many vape shop owners out of business.

MYTH 2: Vaping is actually good for the environment: TRUE

Vaping is absolutely eco-friendly, making it a great choice over cigarettes which are full of harmful chemicals and also tend to contribute greatly to the amount of litter on the planet with people discarding of their cigarette butts anywhere they please. Vapes also tend to come with the capability of being charged again and again, and do not often require disposable batteries. With so many benefits, it’s a true mystery why people continue to smoke traditional cigarettes which are known to contribute greatly to air pollution, forest fires and the death of marine life.

MYTH 3: Vaping emits secondhand smoke just like traditional cigarettes: FALSE

This myth is a little baffling to us. After all, how can something that doesn’t produce smoke in the first place, emit secondhand smoke? That’s right, it cannot. Vapor cigarettes only emit water vapor which is in no way linked to the sorts of consequences that are known to come from the secondhand smoke people inhale from traditional cigarettes.

MYTH 4: Vapor cigarettes have nicotine in them: TRUE

Yes, there is absolutely nicotine in vapor cigarettes. However, the amount of nicotine can be controlled by the person who is doing the vaping. Whether they want to start off with a higher nicotine content and slowly wean themselves off, or if they prefer the same nicotine level every time they vape, the control is in the hands of the consumer.

MYTH 5: Vaping and smoking are the same thing: FALSE

In no way are vaping and smoking the same thing. If this isn’t obvious by the many differences we stated above, we will explain to you precisely how they are different. When traditional cigarettes are smoked, there is dry tobacco, chemicals and other ingredients that are burned, creating smoke. When a vape is used, an atomizer is used to heat the e juice, which is then converted to vapor.

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