4 Things To Know Before You Buy Your First Vape Pen

4 Things To Know Before You Buy Your First Vape Pen

If you have recently entered the world of vaping, you probably aren’t quite sure where to start. After all, there are many integral parts of vaping. This means you have likely been hearing worlds like coil, mods, juices and more that you are not quite familiar with. For many people, these foreign terms can mean the difference between jumping on the vaping train, and avoiding it entirely. At ETX Vape, we hate to think about anyone potentially missing out on the fun of vaping without even giving it a try first. So in the spirit of making you feel comfortable, we have compiled a short list of things that all beginners should know in order to help them gently enter the vaping world. Continue reading below to learn what they are.

The Basics: How It Works

The first question we hear from those who are interested in vaping is, “How does it even work?”. As huge fans of e-cigarettes, allow us to explain. In the simplest terms, the tank in your vape is used to hold liquid. The cotton wicks inside the tank will absorb the juice which is the heated up when the device is activated. The heat then causes the liquid to evaporate, turning it into vapor, which you then inhale. This fairly basic process allows people to simulate the act of smoking tobacco but without doing nearly as much damage to their body.

How An E-Cig is Made

There are three main parts of an e-cig, that when working together allow for your device to work properly. The parts include the battery (the mod), the coils and the tank.

  • The battery is used to give the device power. This piece of the e-cig can either be integrated or replaceable, depending on which kind you purchase. The mod is the part that contains the actual battery.
  • The wires that have been wound into a coil shape are rightfully called “the coils”. The coils, when activated, will heat up the e-liquid creating the vapor.
  • The tank simply holds the coil, the wicks and the e-liquid.

How To Decide On A Tank

While we are a huge fan of ejuice, we have to say that we think the tank is probably the most important part of your vape that you have to decide upon. There are three distinct types of vape tanks. These are clearomizers, glassomizers and cartomizers. While they do have different names, they all tend to function relatively in the same way. The most common tanks people will use are glassomizers, but for the most part, the type doesn’t necessarily matter as much as getting the proper size for your needs.

When To Change The Coil

The last question we hear the most from customers is how they are supposed to know when it’s time for them to change their coils out. In case you weren’t aware, the coils will wear down over time and therefore will need to be replaced so that you can get the best out of your device. The easiest way to know when it is time to change out your coils is when you notice that your ejuice just isn’t tasting right. Many people say they notice a burnt taste, while others say they can just tell by the taste of the vapor in general.

ETX Vape Has You Covered

Whether you are brand new to vaping or you have been enjoying your vaporizer for a while and are simply looking for somewhere new to shop, ETX Vape can help. We have a large selection of e liquid and more. Check out what we have to offer when you shop our online store today!



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