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Game Changer.

The world's first variable controlled pre-heat device made for Delta 8 has landed. Now available in 6 delicious flavors featuring your favorite strains using unique terpenes to create an enjoyable experience with each and every puff.

Introducing Strio THC-O Flower

Strio's THC-O flower is sourced from some of the finest hemp growers in the country and infused with Grade A THC-O distillate at double the industry standard potency. Experience THC-O Flower like never before! Available in 17 strains!

Strio - Blaze

World's First Pre-Heat Delta 8 Devices


Blaze Devices

Strio is a brand popularly known for the Blaze devices. This disposable Delta 8 Infused Vape Pens come in six different flavors. Strawberry Cough, Tangie Tangerine, OG Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express and Blue Dream. Strio’s promise to its customers is characterised with “quality ingredients and quality experience”. Utilizing premium, natural Delta 8 derived from the “finest US grown industrial hemp”, Strio offers the public and fast acting disposable device with a unique preheating feature that promises an eclectic vaping experience, very in line with their mission to help customers find peace and relaxation in a chaotic world. All 6 flavors of the Blaze Disposable Pen device are carried by Craze CBD Supply.



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